The Return of Capt. Jack Harkness

It’s Steven Moffat’s final season writing for Doctor Who.  Last season he finished the long running story arc of River Song when the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) met up with his estranged wife at the Singing Towers of Darillium just before her departure to meet a younger 10th Doctor (David Tenant) in a library where she met her untimely demise.

Although Captain Jack Harkness is an immortal, how might his story arc end considering Steven Moffat created the character while a supporting writer under the Russell T. Davies era of Doctor Who?  Could we see the wildly popular Doctor Who ally return one last time for one last romp with the Doctor?  15682513_10207946824490310_1354824771_o

Speculation is abuzz throughout the internet about the strong possibilities.  John Barrowman, who portrayed Captain Jack in Doctor Who and then the spinoff series TORCHWOOD, recently teased that he was at BBC studios for meetings.  Even stranger is that he snapped a selfie in front of a TARDIS.  Coincidence?  Purposefully?  Who knows?!

But what kind of meetings?  Is this typical Barrowman shenanigans to tease fans, or could we strongly conclude that Captain Jack is back?!  Unfortunately we have to wait this Spring and Summer to find out once the 10th series of Doctor Who ensues.

Meanwhile, I speculate that Captain Jack will be back, and here’s why.



Remember the touching scene in The Woman Who Lived (Season 9, episode 6) where the Doctor unintentionally created an immortal out of Ashildir?  During the course of their conversation the Doctor tells Ashildir that she’s not the only immortal.

DOCTOR:  Your’e not the first, you know.  I did travel with another immortal once — Captain Jack Harkness.


DOCTOR:  He’ll get around to you eventually.  (Sly grin)

Moffat is notorious for foreshadowing and setting up glorious cameos and returns long before they happen.  Often times they are emotionally gripping, exciting, and tear-jerking.  I speculate that we could very well see Captain Jack in the upcoming Season 10 of BBC’s Doctor Who.  So get your long-coats and vortex manipulators, because when Captain Jack returns it’s going to be a wild and exciting ride!

What do you think?  Is Captain Jack making a come back, or are we making much a-do about nothing?


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