Mission: Possible!

I want to make sure that the purpose and mission of Blue Box Alliance is crystal clear, and I want to clarify any confusion that may emerge (or has already emerged).

First and foremost Blue Box Alliance is a group of performers who have a passion for cosplaying as characters from the wildly popular BBC sci-fi drama Doctor Who.  We are also passionate about the issue of bullying.  Our campaign is aimed at elementary and middle school aged children, because Doctor Who is a children’s program, but we also hope to reach adults with our message.

Blue Box Alliance is a Doctor Who themed anti-bullying campaign.  We are starting at the grass-roots level at the moment.  That means some of us do not own, nor have the resources to acquire, costumes to perform as Doctor Who just yet.  We are in the process of acquiring the resources necessary to do so, but it’s a slow process.  We are also planning to have a life-sized prop replica TARDIS constructed as well to accompany our set.  Eventually we hope to incorporate a prop replica DALEK in to our presentation at some point as well.

As our group and presentation grows so will our props, accessories, and costuming.  But what do we plan to do with everything we hope to use for our show?


I’m currently writing a 20-30 page script that deals with the topic of bullying, and it will be written with Doctor Who characters facing challenges with bullies.  The show will define what a bully is, how to deal with bullies, and focus on how to turn a bully in to a friend.  There will also be a strong anti-substance abuse message littered throughout the presentation as well.

Many anti-bullying campaigns rely heavily on lectures, stats, figures, facts, and testimonials of things that occurred to other children when they were bullied – suicides, homicides, and other acts of violence.  Our presentation will use theater to get our message across in an entertaining and exciting way.  We will focus on diverting the use of violence to avenge being bullied, or retaliating in some way against a bully and relying on intellect and mental strength to work to make friends with the bullies who make their lives a living hell from day-to-day.

Having worked in public education for nearly three years now I have a wide-open venue available to begin our work with students and to perform our campaign.  We plan to feature many of the popular Doctor Who companions and allies throughout the show’s history.  I will cosplay as the 4th Doctor Who – Tom Baker.  You’ll remember him from the 70’s era of the show….long colorful scarf and poofy hair.

We also plan to host “A DAY WITH THE DOCTOR” events at libraries where we encourage kids and adults to read more.  These DWTD’s will also feature Doctor Who themed snacks, games, and plenty of photo opportunities with our characters and props.  Each event will be free and open to the public.

To read more of what we intend to do, please read our SERVICES page.


Everyone involved with BBA has been bullied at some point in time.  Some of us witness almost daily in our work places, online, and other places.  We are on a mission to put an end to bullying in all its forms.  With that said, we are a campaign to stop bullying, and we are rabid fans of Doctor Who.

We are NOT profiteers looking  to make fame or fortune from our performances.  Everything we do is strictly volunteer.  We are donating our own money, and spending our own time to travel to schools, conventions, libraries, hospitals, or anywhere else that will have us.  We do not, nor will we ever charge money for our  appearances or services.


Because we are a new movement, I humbly ask for your patience as we work to get our group off the ground and running.  It takes time, money, and volunteer labor to build the props, purchase and make costumes, accessories, promotional material, and travel.  Most of our cosplayers already have some costumes, and are acquiring more.  Some do not due to financial restraints.  Because the production of our show is forthcoming we are still working to build our presence online so people know about us, talk about us, and consider lending their moral support toward what we are doing.  Hopefully many will cheer us on as we continue to grow, develop, and polish our craft.  So again, I beg for your patience as we work towards getting everything together we need in order to provide the services we are offering.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built to last! My hope is that Blue Box Alliance will continue on after I’m gone…which I hope is for many years to come from now.


We post regularly on social media.  Check out our tab at the upper right hand corner of this website and you’ll find links to Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.  The more followers we get, the more we can get our name and message out there.  Together, with your help, we can help put a dent in the unsinkable shop of bullying.  Will you help us?

Of course, if you ever have questions about who we are, what we’re about, or anything related to Doctor Who and bullying, we are here for you.  You can count on us.

Thank you for reading, and remember, “An enemy is just a friend that doesn’t know it yet!”

  • Jeremy “Doctor Long-Scarf” Wheeler

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