Seeking Allies and Companions

We are preparing for take-off!  Any day now we hope to officially launch Blue Box Alliance in to full force.  Convention season is quickly approaching, and we are polishing our act, dusting off our costumes, collecting our props, and hoping to hit the road in hopes to bring a message of empowerment, encouragement, and enlightenment.

As we’ve written many times before, Blue Box Alliance is an anti-bullying campaign.  Our mission is to empower kids (and adults) to be themselves bravely.  We aim to encourage kids to be strong, and to use their brain instead of braun to overcome conflict with those whom they are at odds with.  We are dedicated to enlightening our audiences that violence begets violence, and that peace and kindness are truly the best ways to make an enemy in to a friend.  Most people agree with our mission, while others believe that the only way to combat bullying is with physical brute force and vengeance.  We argue otherwise.

Everyone who gives us an ear to share our message is on board.  They are supportive, and they are helpful to offer advice and tips on how we can perfect our costuming, our forthcoming show, and how we should address issues relative to bullying.  We appreciate everyone’s overwhelming love and support for our mission.  Unfortunately we have been met with some obstacles with other anti-bullying groups with similar missions.

So far, our experience in networking with other anti-bullying hasn’t been overly positive.  Nearly all of those we’ve contacted have ignored our attempts to contact them.  All except one — a group called Cosplayers Against Bullying.  Out of the numerous groups we’ve reached out to, only CAB was MORE than kind to talk to us, give us advice, and offer ideas for how we can be better and great once we get our show on the road.  To CAB, we extend a hearty THANK YOU!!!

We understand that everyone has their own agenda.  We also understand that Doctor Who isn’t everyone’s cup-of-tea, but still the principle remains that we simply seek alliance and companionship with these groups so help further the mission to fight bullying.  Who wouldn’t want more soldiers on their team?  We all have our own methods, and our own tools to entertain and educate audiences about bullying; how to push back on bullying, and how to empower the bullied.  We get it!  What we don’t understand is the trepidation among other groups wanting to network with us and lend their moral support as much as we are lending ours.

The Doctor has given offers to would-be companions in the history of the show.  Many have taken up the Doctor on his offer to travel time and space, while others were content to stay behind in their lives.  No big deal!  But the Doctor has always impacted people’s life in some way even if it was a small way.

We must admit that it’s been discouraging reaching out to these other groups only to be ignored.  However, we are resolute and not discouraged about our mission.  If no one wants to lock arms and join together and work together for the greater good then that will not deter us from accomplishing what we feel is our destiny.

If you or someone you know is a part of an anti-bullying group and you feel like they might slightly be interested in at least networking with us, please get them in contact with us.  We’re not opposed to working with others to bring about change in the life of young people everywhere.

  • JTW

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