How To Get Involved

The great thing about the TARDIS is it’s — wait for it — bigger on the inside!  That means we have plenty of room on our ship for talented people who want to make a change.

“Change, my dear.  And it seems not a moment too soon!”

Have you often dreamed of joining Doctor Who and accompanying him on his many travels through time and space?  Here’s your chance!  Blue Box Alliance is looking for talented people to help us in our quest against bullying, and to present a positive and powerful message to everyone everywhere.

If you enjoy the thought of whizzing around the TARDIS and changing people’s lives in a fun and entertaining way, then this is the opportunity for you.  Does this sound like an opportunity you can’t pass up?  We hope so.  Below is a list of ways you can join Blue Box Alliance and become a part of a growing group of passionate Doctor Who fans that enjoy playing as characters from the show, and empowering audiences.


Blue Box Alliance is positioning itself to officially launch later this year.  We’ve already got a small band of cosplayers who are armed with vortex manipulators, sonic screwdrivers, and followed by Daleks, tin dogs, and strange aliens, but we are always open to more joining our cast and crew.

Very soon we hope to start making appearances at conventions and cosplaying as popular characters from the Doctor Who TV show.  It’s still to be determined which characters will be making appearances, but that’s a good thing!  Just like in the show, you never know who is going to turn up to help the Doctor in his latest quest to save the universe.

If you are a cosplayer, or are interested in cosplaying, and you have an idea for a character you would like to portray, then waste no time contacting us!  Let’s talk!


Are you talented with making awesome costumes, or designing sets?  We need your help!  There’s always room for more talented people to join our team and come up with original characters, and recreate popular ones, from the Doctor Who  universe.  We’d love to see some of your examples or costumes and sets, so be sure to send them to us and let’s talk about putting your talents to work.


Setting up and taking down our sets and props will be a chore, but with your help we can make it a faster and easier process.  When we attend conventions we hope to acquire space where we can have a life-sized replica TARDIS on display for fans to take selfies and pictures with.  We will also have other prop replicas set up as well, so fans can get the sense they are truly in the show.  The sets and props will also need setting up at schools, libraries, birthday parties, and other locations that welcome us to perform our anti-bullying show.

Transporting, storage, and setting up what we hope to acquire for this year will be a daunting task, and if cosplay isn’t your schtick then you are always welcome to help us set up.


All of our social media sites are growing almost daily.  Currently, you can find us on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.  You can also find us right here on the blog you’re reading right now.  It takes someone with the talent to provide content for our social media to stay current with trends and relevant news pertaining to the issues of bullying, cosplay, and Doctor Who.

Right now we have a strong staff of administrators who oversee the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr as well as our blog.  We are always looking for people to write for the blog.  Be sure to contact us if you’d like to take a behind-the-scenes approach to helping us get our message out there.


Would you like to help spread the word about Blue Box Alliance, but not cosplay or be a part of the behind-the-scenes?  Great!  Have we got the job for you!  As an ambassador of Gallifrey, you will be a promotional manager, and you will share our message with friends and family right where you are.  If you plan on going to a convention, or you have contacts with school administrators, then you can also help book an appearance for us.

The benefits of being an Ambassador will include getting cool Blue Box Alliance and Doctor Who swag from time to time, and also knowing you are changing lives by letting people know you are taking a stand against bullying in a fun and innovative way.  We will also provide you with business cards, posters, postcards, and other cool promotional material to giveaway for free wherever you go to represent Blue Box Alliance.

Ambassadors will also help with the creative direction we take our shows.  You’ll be consulted for creative ideas for scripts, marketing, promotional material, and more.


Most urgently, we need help buying costumes, props, and items for sets!  We also need help with fuel, hotel expenses, food, and promotional material.  The cost for materials to build set pieces is beyond our means at the moment, but with your help we can easily acquire the things we need to put forth a quality production.

We will accept donations in any form as long as it helps to produce a quality show.  It doesn’t have to be strictly financial.  We will accept gently used props that are Doctor Who related, costumes, and materials to built set pieces.

Our first priority at the moment is affording to built a replica life-sized TARDIS, but they are not cheap!  A TARDIS is the perfect set piece to compliment what we do as Doctor Who cosplayers.  We plan to take it everywhere we go — schools, libraries, and conventions.  You can contribute to this task by donating wood, plexiglas, and other materials we need to make a TARDIS as screen accurate as possible.  Of course, if you want to financially contribute to our cause then we will gladly accept financial contributions.  We have a PayPal account set up and ready for action.

indiegogo_logo_detailIn a few months we are planning to launch an IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign to raise about $4,000.00.  This will help us purchase some costumes, props, promotional material (business cards, postcards, posters, t-shirts, wristbands, etc.), and also help us afford to have a TARDIS constructed.

With your help in any way we can put smiles on people’s faces and also enlighten them about the affects of bullying.

To give online, please click the link below:




What do you say?  Are you ready to step aboard the TARDIS and travel with the Doctor and his cavalcade of companions and allies?  Are you ready to take on rascally villains and rid the universe of evil?  Are you ready to take a stand against bullying, and looking for a fun and entertaining way to do it?  Are you ready to get involved with an exciting and innovative group of people biting at the bits to change the world one person at a time?  Then wait no further!  The TARDIS doors are wide open and waiting for you to walk through.

Only one question remains: “In all of time and space, where do you want to go first?”




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