When I Became A Fan

I was born on June 23rd, 1978.  Oh, I know.  I’m old.  When I was a kid I remember watching Doctor Who late Saturday nights at my sister Kathy’s house.  In those days a fluffy haired and long-scarf wearing Tom Baker portrayed Doctor Who, and those were the finest memories of my life.

Doctor Who 1974-1981

I’ll never forget watching the Doctor whizz about through time and space, his tin dog K-9, and I distinctly remember his companions Leela, and Romana II.  It wasn’t until later I watched the entirety of Tom Baker’s Doctor and fell in love with all the companions who accompanied him throughout the known universe.

As life and time would have it I grew up, and watching late night TV on public television became less of an interest to me.  Thus, I stopped watching Doctor Who  all together.  Every once in a while I caught an episode or two.  I mainly remember the 5th Doctor, and I barely remember the 7th Doctor.  I don’t remember the 6th Doctor at all, unfortunately.  But again, time escaped me and I found other interests as a child and grew fond of other forms of entertainment.

Fastforward nearly thirty-plus years in to the future.  I’m at college as a non-traditional student.  Suddenly I’m surrounded by late teens, and early twenty-somethings, and all of them are yammering about Doctor Who.  I must admit that I wasn’t too fond of seeing what all the hype was about the show.  I knew that the show was still on the air, but I had no idea what had developed since I quit watching it back in the very early 80s.

Eventually I gave in to the hype and started looking in to Doctor Who slowly but surely.  The year was 2013, and the 50th Anniversary special was quickly approaching.  I didn’t have time to go back and catch up on Doctor Who at the time, so I just checked out a couple of episodes here and there leading up to the 50th anniversary.

The Day of the Doctor aired on November 23rd, 2013.  I sat with anticipation to see what all the hype was about surrounding the show.  I watched with amazement at how far the show had come over its fifty year span.

Keep in mind, I’m a die-hard dedicated Tom Baker Doctor Who fan.  To me, no one defines Doctor Who quite like Tom Baker.  Now I’m a fan of just the Doctor, but there will always be a fondness towards the 4th Doctor.

With that said, the final moments of The Day of the Doctor were upon us.  Then…out of no where I heard a voice that sounded so familiar to me that it made me cry as soon as his face popped on my screen.   All I can say is the tears flowed down by face like a water fall.

This is the scene:


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