Blue Box Lands in 2017

Any moment now…we’re a comin’!

Convention season is nearly in full swing.  You name it, and there’s probably a convention gathering somewhere in the world for whatever fandom tickles your fancy.  That means Blue Box Alliance is set to officially launch later this year!

Our current plan is to do a soft launch.  Many of our representatives will cosplay as Doctor Who and other related characters, and the dates and appearances for those cosplayers will be listed here on our blog as well as our various social media outlets, so be sure to keep an eye out so we can all meet up and strategize a game plan to battle bullying and talk about our love for Doctor Who!

Doctor Who Cosplayers – 1st through 11th Doctors

We can hardly contain our glee, because the idea of empowering the powerless, enlightening the unenlightened, and encouraging the discouraged is what drives us to do what we do but in a fun and entertaining way.  Sure, Doctor Who isn’t everybody’s favorite thing, but you have to admit that it will certainly bring a smile and a chuckle out of everyone who encounters one of our zany cast members.

There are just a few thoughts I want to mention in this blog for everyone to keep in mind when you attend a convention where cosplayers will be in attendance.


This is a simple idea, right?  Unfortunately, cosplayers are easy targets at conventions.  If not at conventions, then they are shamed online because their costume might not be the best, or they might not have the body type as the actor or character they are portraying.  Please be considerate!  Keep in mind that cosplaying is a hobby, and like any hobby it’s something a cross-section of people enjoy doing.

Cosplayers spend numerous hours creating their costumes, putting them on, and enjoying being the character that brightens their life just a little bit.  Cosplayers shouldn’t be targets of body shaming, gender shaming, or name calling just because they don’t fit the ideal perception of another person.  It’s all in fun, and everyone should enjoy a cosplayers art form for what it is.  Cosplayers are having fun, and you should too.  If you see someone cosplaying as a character you enjoy then take that as an opportunity to bond with that person and get to know them.  Ask them how they made the costume, and what they like about that character they are portraying.  It’s for everyone’s entertainment, and should never be fodder for bullies!


The Blue Box Alliance is working feverishly to officially launch in early summer of 2017.  Until then we will be in attendance at several smaller and non-scifi or comic related conventions and fairs to make our presence known.  An official date where you can take part in our launch party will be officially announced in the coming months, but rest assured that our little blue police box will be ready for everyone to hop aboard and enjoy some adventures with the Doctor and the cavalcade of allies and companions.  Are you ready?


It’s easier to trust someone who can make you laugh or entertain you.  We take the issue of bullying very seriously, but often times people avoid learning about bullying because it’s steeped in statistical facts and figures.  Quite frankly, that bores most people.  So why not get out a message of love and acceptance by using something that people find fun and entertaining?  Since Doctor Who is wildly popular, and you often see Doctor Who cosplayers at nearly every type of convention there is to attend, it only makes sense to dress up like Doctor Who to break down walls of differences between people and bring people together who otherwise might not ever speak.  It’s a win-win!

We love people….all types of people!  Blue Box Alliance is a safe space for people who otherwise feel left out, rejected, not accepted, or marginalized for whatever reason — and believe me, there’s all sorts of reasons people use to justify their hate and prejudice against others.  We’re all about love, kindness, generosity, and acceptance.  No matter who you are, or who you want to be, we’re here to give you a form of entertainment that will educate you, but also make it fun to be who you are.  We also want to stress that it’s ok to be “alien.”  And that’s what Doctor Who is really all about…being alien and feeling alone.  How do you empower someone who feels alienated and alone?  You give them an adventure!  Oh what an adventure awaits you once Blue Box Alliance officially launches.


Remember to be respectful towards people of all types.  Respecting the dignity of other people is the foundation of Blue Box Alliance, but we can’t do it without the help of people like you.  You can help in a number of ways.  The most urgent way you can help is to talk about us and tell people who we are, and what we are working towards doing — battling bullying, while having fun doing it.

We are anxious to meet everyone who is helping us along the way to spread our message.  We’re anxious to appear at conventions and connect with you over our love for Doctor Who.  Most importantly, we are anxious to meet fellow fans of Doctor Who who also need someone to make them feel loved and wanted.

Just like Donna Noble told the Doctor once, “just save someone!”

We realize that we have an uphill battle to fight, and we are realistic that we won’t save everyone, but if we can just bring hope and joy to someone then we’ve accomplished our mission.

See you at a convention near you!


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