doctor-who-costumeYou!  Yes, you!  Thank YOU very much for being involved and helping Blue Box Alliance and our IndieGoGo campaign so far!

If you haven’t donated yet, please click the link below:

Blue Box Alliance: A Doctor Who Themed Anti-Bullying Show

We are well on our way to meeting our $4,000.00 goal.  What is all the money going to go to?  Our mission is to blast bullying, and we are dedicated to doing that in an extremely fun and exciting way for the entire family to enjoy.  Plus, we want to enlighten people with our campy little romp of a show, and we plan to do that with set pieces modeled after objects you’d see on your TV screen during the actual Doctor Who show.  a3a36-tardis

A large portion of our fund-raising will go towards purchasing material to build our own life sized replica TARDIS.   As any fan of Doctor Who knows, the Doctor is not complete without his time traveling police box.  The TARDIS is the crown jewel of our show, and it’s important we include one as a set piece to what we hope to do — take it to schools, conventions, libraries, birthday parties, and other places that will let us set it up.  The cost to build one of these is not cheap, and every dollar raised through our crowdfunding campaign will go towards helping us acquire one.  Will you help?

cyberman_3Another important portion of our fundraising will go towards costumes.  We have been in talks with Mal’s Fantasy Factory in California, and they are prepared to accept our order for a screen-accurate Cyberman costume.  Nobody else in America will be using a Cyberman the way we intend to use a Cyberman, and that’s for the good of everyone!  In our scripted show titled “UPLOADED,” the Doctor and his companion encounter a Cyberman who threatens to upload information about the companion for purposes of cyberbullying unless the Doctor’s companion complies with his wishes.  Whatever information the Cyberman has acquired about the companion is embarrassing enough to send the companion on a tale-spin of worry and fear that the information might affect her and her family.  With the help of the Doctor, the Cyberman fails to upload that information, and the audience will learn a valuable lesson about cyberbullying.  However, this part of our show can’t happen unless we can afford to purchase one!  The cost to make a costume of this caliber is extremely expensive and that’s why we need your help!


Mal’s Fantasy Factory has also agreed to recreate a screen accurate K9 robot dog — just like the one seen from the 4th Doctor’s era of the Doctor Who show!  Everything we plan to do for Blue Box Alliance requires excellence, and we want every single robotic, costume, and set piece to be as screen accurate as possible.



170docAlthough our show will feature various incarnations of the Doctor throughout our existence, we’ve decided to start things off by portraying Doctor Who as the Fourth Doctor.  Although Tom Baker’s Doctor hasn’t been seen on television for nearly forty years, strangely enough many young Doctor Who fans are quite familiar and madly in love with the Fourth Doctor in spite of being predominantly “New Who” fans.  He’s witty, cunning, silly, campy, and mysteriously intelligent.  He’s the perfect version of the Doctor to start off Blue Box Alliance’s existence.  The cost to bring together the entirety of this costume is efficient, and simple to compile.  The hat, scarf, coat, pants, vest, cravat, shirt, curly-haired wig, and sonic screwdriver will make up a small portion of our budget we hope to raise.  This is the least of our budget, but still something vitally important to helping Blue Box Alliance become a reality so we can provide a top quality show for fans, and allies speaking out against bullying.

Last but not least we are also allotting portions of the budget to buy advertising and marketing materials.  We want to give everyone who gives to Blue Box Alliance an exclusive BBA rubber wristband to show off to all of your friends.  Make a statement that you are standing against bullying, and ready to blast it with all of your might!

Exclusive designed t-shirts are also in the works for people who contribute to our campaign.  Get an amazing Blue Box Alliance t-shirt that sports your favorite organization working hard to blast bullying.

Did I forget to mention that we’ll be offering business cards, and promotional posters?  It’s true!  Some of those items will be autographed by cast and crew of Blue Box Alliance when you contribute.

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to our campaign so far.  You deserve to know exactly what your money is going to, and also how it will help us with travel expenses and other operational costs to get to and from our destinations in our mission to blast bullying.  None of your money will be going to financially benefit any of the cast or crew or Blue Box Alliance, but will all serve its purpose in terms of producing a top quality show that will entertain as well as enlighten, encourage, and empower people of all ages about the effects of bullying.

Please consider giving if you haven’t already.  We are ready to answer any and all questions you may have about or small, but growing organization.  Together we can make a difference in the lives of people every where with a simple presentation masked as one of the world’s most popular British sci-fi dramas.





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