The Blue Box Has Landed

Following months of dedication, exhausting work, and aggressive marketing, Blue Box Alliance is flying across space and time!  Members of Blue Box Alliance made their first appearance in early June at the Tristate Comic-Con (TRICON) in West Virginia to an exciting reception by Doctor Who fans.

“Some fans trembled with excitement, others cried, and others were squealing with joy to see me as Doctor Who,” said BBA’s founder, Jeremy Wheeler.  “I knew Doctor Who was popular, but I had no clue the show had such a strong emotional range over its fans.  I was gobsmacked at the constant request for selfies during my few hours walking around the convention,” Wheeler added.


TRICON was Wheeler’s first time cosplaying and appearing as Doctor Who, and the convention proved to be the perfect testing ground for Blue Box Alliance’s future efforts.  “I had a chance to hand out our #BlastBullying wristbands to nearly everyone I spoke with,” said Wheeler.  “I met some wonderful people, and listened to their heartbreaking stories of being bullied as children.  One kid I met had been bullied most recently.  He was  a kindergartener, and some kids called him terrible names.  I leaned down and said ‘I have some names I want to call you, too!  You’re WONDERFUL, you are AWESOME, you are AMAZING!’  The kid’s face lit up with a huge grin, and he walked away in better spirits, and so did his parents.”

Of course, BBA’s official Doctor met up with other Doctor Who costumed characters for an impromptu photo session.  Some characters included a female TARDIS, and characters made popular during the 10th and 11th Doctor’s era.  All in all, BBA made a small but effective impact with its first appearance.


The cast and crew of Blue Box Alliance will be announcing more future appearances very soon, and we also plan to update everyone about new projects taking place with the group.  For all the up-to-date information about Blue Box Alliance, please follow the official Facebook page.


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