Blue Box Alliance is a Doctor Who themed anti-bullying campaign dedicated to empowering, encouraging, enlightening, and entertaining people. Our mission is to bbalogopromote tolerance, friendship, unity, and #BlastBullying!

Blue Box Alliance was founded in 2016 by Jeremy T. Wheeler, a substitute teacher who often saw the popularity of Doctor Who among many of the elementary and middle school students he enjoyed teaching.  He also witnessed how prevalent bullying was in schools, and the effects it had on students.

Wheeler is a 2013 graduate of Marshall University.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Literary Criticism.

jtw4thdocAs an avid Doctor Who fan, Wheeler creatively combined his love for teaching, writing, and performing and created Blue Box Alliance as a means to combat bullying in schools.  By employing the art of cosplay, and cosplaying as Doctor Who, using replica props, Wheeler hopes to bring a message of hope, courage, strength, and friendship to kids (and adults).  Speaking out against bullying in a fun and entertaining way is what drives Wheeler and his crew to perform a Doctor Who themed show.

Wheeler is joined by a number of other people who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes with social media, this website, prop building, costume design, and set production.  Without the help of fellow actors, entertainers, writers and artists, Blue Box Alliance could not exist.


15722825_762829982324_139492712_n“Captain Jack” as he is affectionately called, is a cosplayer residing in beautiful Columbus, Ohio.  J. M. has been cosplaying as various characters for a few years now.  He is an executive founder of Blue Box Alliance, and an avid fan of the cosplay art form.  Most notably, J. M. is often seen cosplaying as Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and Torchwood.  He also performs as the 10th incarnation of Doctor Who popularly portrayed by David Tennant.

J. M.’s talents transcend the cosplay arena.  He also administrates the Blue Box Alliance Facebook page, and the official BBA website.

Along with Ian Hilden, together they co-founded the popular cosplay group of Dark Torch which can be seen at many conventions in the Ohio Valley region.


15776201_1246007255448345_2142473668_oJared is a resident of Fulton, Kentucky and an avid cosplayer.  Along with being an administrator for the Blue Box Alliance Facebook page, and creator of the Blue Box Alliance Tumblr, Jared is an actor, a special effects artist, and avid fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood.  Some of his passions also include the popular horror-drama The Walking Dead – sometimes cosplays as Negan.  Jared intends to unveil his new cosplay as the 12th Doctor Who portrayed by Peter Capaldi.  Last but not least, Jared is an avid Star Wars fan and is a proud member of the Sith Squad.

Christensen is also an executive team member, and founding member of Blue Box Alliance.


15748348_10102103026440346_1427541596_oThayne is a graphic designer, cosplayer, and multi-talented artist.  Blue Box Alliance is extremely honored to have Thayne aboard as a part of the team.  Thayne’s interest include Doctor Who, Torchwood, Star Wars, Hamilton, and The Dudesons.  Thayne can be seen at conventions cosplaying as the 11th Doctor Who portrayed by Matt Smith, Ianto Jones of Torchwood, and General Hux (Star Wars) of the First Order.

Thayne is a founding executive member of Blue Box Alliance, and co-founder of Dark Torch with J. M. Harkness.  With his administrative abilities, Ian assists with the online operations of Blue Box Alliance in various faculties.


Kristen is the COO (Chief Operations Officer) of Blue Box Alliance.  She facilitates most of kristen_tardisthe day-to-day operations of our social media and other online venues.  As a gracious hostess, Kristen is visible and approachable at all of the conventions BBA appears at.

Kristen often dons her TARDIS Kimono, which she had custom made.  Along with her trusty side-kick, Mark Stafford (cosplays at the 4th Doctor), the two make time for plenty of adventures through space and conventions and look forward to spreading kindness everywhere they go.


Cody Skeels is a writer, filmmaker and musician. Cosplay is what he likes to call his codyskeels‘passion on the side.’ Cody helps run the Blue Box Alliance Facebook page as an admin. He resides in Florida, and can be found cosplaying the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, portrayed by Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. Cody is also the founder of Closer Cosplay, a cosplay group that frequently attends Florida conventions.