The Blue Box Has Landed

Following months of dedication, exhausting work, and aggressive marketing, Blue Box Alliance is flying across space and time!  Members of Blue Box Alliance made their first appearance in early June at the Tristate Comic-Con (TRICON) in West Virginia to an exciting reception by Doctor Who fans. “Some fans trembled with excitement, others cried, and others […]

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You!  Yes, you!  Thank YOU very much for being involved and helping Blue Box Alliance and our IndieGoGo campaign so far! If you haven’t donated yet, please click the link below: Blue Box Alliance: A Doctor Who Themed Anti-Bullying Show We are well on our way to meeting our $4,000.00 goal.  What is all the […]


Remembering The War Doctor

The world over is saddened by the passing of John Hurt.  The British actor has over two-hundred movies and television credits to his CV.  He was an award winning actor, entertainer, and a master thespian. Although his most iconic roles will forever keep him in the minds of fans for decades to come, Doctor Who […]

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When I Became A Fan

I was born on June 23rd, 1978.  Oh, I know.  I’m old.  When I was a kid I remember watching Doctor Who late Saturday nights at my sister Kathy’s house.  In those days a fluffy haired and long-scarf wearing Tom Baker portrayed Doctor Who, and those were the finest memories of my life. I’ll never forget […]

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